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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sad demise of Natyacharya

by Parva News Network

Natyacharya Bharatakalaprapoorna Padmashri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna passed away early this morning at Hyderabad. He was 88.

A former chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Sangeeta Nataka Academy, this veteran was a Guru, Scholar, Researcher and Musicologist. He holds the credit of single handedly reviving ‘Andhra Natyam’, the temple dance form of Andhra Pradesh which was virtually facing extinction. He reconstructed the ‘c’, a dance form performed by men to inspire (Prerana) warriors before setting off to the battle field.

His untiring efforts towards the propagation of these native dance forms of Andhra Pradesh have made him a revered and respected icon of dance among the artiste fraternity of the state and world over. Having authored more than 40 books on dance, Dr. Ramakrishna not only spread awareness but created platforms for these traditional dance forms all along his career spanning 60 years.

His sad demise has created an irreplaceable void in the art community. He has left behind an immense body of work and a towering legacy that needs to be carried on through generations to come.

May his soul rest in peace.