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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tunes buried in the sand

Rukma Bai, a folk singer of the Manganiyar caste of Rajasthan breathes her last today.

Her life is an inspiring saga marred by poverty, devastated personal life, crushing social problems and fighting polio attacked body, yet keeping her music alive and raw in the desserts of Rajasthan. Living on a hand to mouth existence as a construction worker, Rukma sang in concerts to carve a way for her innate talent. Only woman Manganiyar singer in the world, she was featured in the album ‘Man ke Manjeere’ representing women's emancipation which had 10 songs sung by various artistes including Shubha Mudgal. She also received the Devi Ahilya Samman award in 2004 by Madhya Pradesh for her contributions to the music form.

We leave you with a feature by Komal Kothari and her own voice to vibrate hereafter...

World's only Manganiyar lady singer Rukmabaai

Courtesy: Komal Kothari & YouTube