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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Expressed with expressions!

Padma Bhushan Swapna Sundari

She waits, he disappoints, she gets suspicious, he is caught, she is jealous, he gets disturbed, she is angry, he cajoles, she refuses, he leaves, she goes in search, he repents, she waits, he returns, she shies away, he makes the move and the saga continues....

Before you jump into conclusions and estimations, this is an attempt to give a blunt representation of some part of an entire gamut of expressional work in classical Indian dances. This forming one of the core competency areas, if the range is so wide, then it is but justifiable to celebrate this treasure in hand. Kuchipudi Dance Centre, New Delhi under Padma Bhushan Swapna Sundari brought a 3 day festival –‘Abhinaya Sudha’ to Hyderabad to celebrate Abhinaya in classical dances.

So then, a celebration requires the right people, the right theme, and the right ambience to make it rejuvenating. Saptaparni lent its beautiful open air natural picturesque environs, Vilasini Natyam and Bharatanatyam styles were focused and an interesting combination of presentations from young and seasoned stalwarts framed the picture to perfection.

Where the intense emotions of love raised the mercury levels through the chilly evenings, the cat fight of the protagonist brought splits of laughter, sweet nothings between a mother and child created goose flesh, the journey of discomfort to truce to happy times of the protagonist and her beloved kindled realistic feelings, betrayals infused tears and finally the submission to the divine voyaged towards bliss!

What more than images captured in space and frozen in time to speak for the experiences!

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