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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tribute to Rukmini Devi

A life… well lived, well remembered…

Padmabhushan Shri VP Dhananjayan delivering Rukmini Devi Memorial Lecture

Renaissance, pioneer, enduring, illustrious, consummate, ingenious, unprecedented. One name from the artiste fraternity that could worthily follow these adjectives is Rukmini Devi Arundale whose name spells history, and history that repeats itself time and again.

As ‘Rukmini Athe’ is being fondly remembered all over the world on her 108th birth day through numerous tributes, memorials and reminisces, it has brought about an overwhelming opportunity to revisit her life and her art.

Hari Hara Arts Academy, under Guru Pasumarthy Ramalinga Sastry, the veteran alumni of Kalakshetra, presented a fitting testimonial to the great legend in Hyderabad recently. The event imprinted a haul of elegance in totality with none other than The Dhananjayans lending their esteemed presence, Dr. Sunil Kothari presiding over and Shri Ramamurthy being felicitated during the occasion.

Shri VS Ramamoorthy being felicitated during the occasion

While it was a heartening sight to see the auditorium at Potti Sriramulu Telugu University brimming with artistes, teachers and connoisseurs, the attendance was but justified with V.P Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan reliving their moments of glory with Rukmini Devi Arundale in their memorial lecture.

Attributing their poised life to their alma mater, the Dhananjayans shared how being one of the erstwhile disciples of Kalakshetra gave them the best of the art, discipline and culture. That academic education was not a dire necessity, and that holistic education in arts practiced with sincerity helps in carving the niche, were points that went out as a strong message to the younger generation. Shanta Dhananjayan rather emotionally shared the fact of them being polished as finer human beings by Rukmini Athe herself and held it the most valuable gift for life!

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